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The FootballCV Academy Fees

With University fees in the UK now an average of nearly £10,000 per year the FootballCV Academy has proved value for money – in essence the UK’s first private football school with the main aim of improving the skills of your son with a view to him being invited to join a professional club whilst also offering a nationally recognised qualification.

If we are successful then we will have achieved our main aim but in doing so we will have lost one of our scholars. We will not be able to claim recompense from the club that takes your son owing to him being a non-contract player.

This is unlike an academic public school, who knows their students will remain with them until the end of their education period. The Footballcv Academy would still have to fulfil to its partners ie Moulton College, the Best Western Hotel and the tutorial and coaching staff. They are fixed costs that have to be met each term.

There is therefore a difference in the way a football academy must structure its finances. We hope this will help you to understand the reasons for the need for FootballCV to receive its funding prior to the start of the term.

UK / EU Fees

Fees for UK / EU students for 2015/16 are £20,995 per year.

This will include;

Coaching, matches, kits, equipment, transport, tutoring, entertainment, guest speakers, accommodation, laundry, student welfare and meals for seven days a week.

The only additional costs are for excursions, airport transfers and exam fees and text books for the A/AS level course only (if applicable).

There are no hidden extras and the fees also include private medical insurance for each player.

To assist you in regulating your finances we can accept instalments - this can be discussed if your son is offered and accepts a place. These are usually based on three instalments with the majority to be paid by the commencement of the academic year in September.

Please note fees for the second year may incur a small increase in line with inflation and cost of living.

Day Students (non-residential)

The academy can offer a number of places for non-residential students.

Fees for day students for 2015/16 are £8,995 per year.

This will include all coaching, kits, equipment, transport to College, tutoring, coaching, entertainment, breakfast & lunch and guest speakers. It will not include accommodation, evening meals or transport to and from the Academy.

The only additional costs are for excursions, airport transfers and exam fees and text books for the A/AS level course only (if applicable).

Again we can accept instalments - Please feel free to contact us for further information.


Learner Support Funds

If you are studying at a public college, Learner Support Funds (LSFs) are the main source of financial support to help FE students with the additional costs involved in studying. LSFs include Access Funds, (which can help towards the cost of books, equipment, transport and tuition fees), Childcare Support Funds which assist students with childcare costs, and Residential Bursaries. Each college is able to set its own policy on how it applies these funds. Details would be available from the Student Support Officer at the college.

If this is not what you are looking for or if you want more information you can contact the DFES by email at info@dfes.gsi.gov.uk or telephone on 0870 000 2288.

Skills Funding Agency

The adult advancement and careers service was launched on 1st August 2010. It is a universal service providing personal, relevant advice on getting on in work and life to everyone, reflecting individual needs and situations. It is available to all adults in England. Any adult aged 19 and over (or 18 and over for Jobcentre Plus clients) will be able to access the service, and will receive personalised help and support.

For more information please visit http://skillsfundingagency.bis.gov.uk

Career Development Loans

Career Development Loans are loans administered by banks to help pay for vocational learning. They have to be repaid but only when the course is complete. Career Development Loans are available from between £300 and £8,000.

For further information please visit http://www.lifelonglearning.co.uk/cdl/

Personal Bank Loan

We have contacted many banks and financial institutions to gain advice on your behalf to help with the annual fees for the Academy. All suggested the most cost-effective way was to contact your current bank for a personal loan.

Education Learning & Funding

For further information please visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/education

Job Centre Plus

For further information please visit https://www.gov.uk/contact-jobcentre-plus

Careers Advice Service

For further information please visit https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/Pages/Home.aspx

Other information

Parents may also find it helpful to consult the Educational Grants Directory. Please contact ISC Educational Grants Advisory Service on 0207 283 3445.

We are also aware of some County Football Associations have helped towards a players fees in previous years. To find your County F.A. please visit www.thefa.com.

Football Short Courses

The short courses at the Football Academy are a great opportunity to train like the professionals for a week or more.

06 Sep 2015 - 23 Oct 2015

01 Nov 2015 - 18 Dec 2015

03 Jan 2016 - 12 Feb 2016

21 Feb 2016 - 24 Mar 2016

10 Apr 2016 - 20 May 2016


Football Academy Open Days

The Football Academy will be conducting Open Days at the Borderville Sports Centre and The Garden House for players and their families interested in joining for the 2016-17 season.

Academy Open Days


What People Are Saying

"I learnt a tremendous amount whilst at FootballCV and the coaches there helped to make me the player I am today."

What People Are Saying


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